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Contract Litigation Attorneys in Los Angeles, Calfornia

We can help with any claim arising from a contract, from a simple breach of contract for good to complex real estate claims. Backus & Ernst, LLP has extensive experience representing individuals and businesses in commercial disputes in state and federal courts, arbitration panels, and mediation. We handle a wide range of complex and common business-related disputes for both plaintiffs and defendants.

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Backus & Ernst, LLP has experience in all of the following:

  • Breach of contract in business ventures

  • Business tort claims, such as negligent misrepresentation, fraud, theft (conversion), and breach of fiduciary duty

  • Professional negligence claims, including accountants, real estate agents/brokers

  • Real estate litigation between buyers, sellers, developers and lessees

  • Fraud

  • indemnity

  • Unfair business practices

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